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      About Us

      ISO14001:2004 EHS management system

      Certification GB/T1900-2008/ISO 9001:2008

      Certificate No.DNV-COC-000180

      hi-tech enterprise

      City credit enterprise

      Charity award in Weihai

      Shangdong Credit Enterprise

      Shandong well-known Enterprise


      ‘Jiuheng’ brand is Shandong famous trademark

      This trademark is a well know trademark in WH

      The bible paper was a well known brand in Shandong

      Enterprise technology center of Shandong province

      No 59 of paying National tax during 1994-2013

      Jiuheng security paper won the Shangdong well known Brand

      Jiuheng security paper won well –known brand in Shandong

      Kaili security paper won the Shangdong well known Brand

      Kaili printing art paper is voted Shandong well known brand

      Shandong special security paper engineering technology research center

      A team member of China Trade Association for Anti-counterfeiting

      Model enterprise of brand competitiveness of Shandong light industry products

      It got integrity management enterprise award from Shandong light industry

      EHS system certificates

      The Gold award of China national paper and paper products Expo in 1995

      Trademark renewable registration

      Jiuheng security paper got the third prize of security science and technology

      Quality management system certificates

      Series of special paper got The Gold award of special paper in 20th China invention exhibition

      Environment management system certificates

      National intellectual property advantage enterprises

      Shandong Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise

      Rongcheng "Science and Technology Innovation Enterprises" in 2018

      Excellent units in China's anti-counterfeiting industry

      Copyright:Shandong Kaili Speciality Paper Co.,LtdLU ICP BEI 10025226 HAOWebsite Design:Zhongwei Network

      Address:Shandong Rongcheng City Heyang Road No.198Telephone:(0086+0631+)7571777  7572758Fax:0086+0631+7571946

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